Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back to Reality

My Thanksgiving vacation is officially over.  It was nice to go back home and spend some time with the boy and my dad.  I did absolutely no shopping.  I was happy to be back in crazy, crowded Northern Virginia--but I was not ready to fight the crazies.

My flight was last Wednesday out of the Denver Airport.  I usually leave 3.5 hours before my flight to drive up from the Springs.  Since I was expecting crowds, I gave myself an additional 45 minutes. This was my 5th time flying home out of DIA, and I swear it was the best experience I've had yet.  There was no traffic during my 70 mile commute.  I usually leave my car at Canopy Parking since it's comparable to long term parking with regards to price--but a heck of a lot more convenient.  I was afraid that there wouldn't be many spaces available at 2pm the day before Thanksgiving--but the Canopy workers directed me to an empty spot and had the shuttle waiting for me right outside my car when I got out.  Since I was flying Southwest, I decided to check luggage just in case I did some shopping and needed space for lugging all my goodies (and no, not the Goodies that Ciara sings about).  There were NO lines at the Southwest Ticket Counter.  I dropped my bag and headed over to Security.  Can you believe there were no lines?  I wanted to take a picture--but I didn't have time to whip out my camera.  It took me longer to put my boots back on than it did for me to go through security.

So now what?  It was 3pm and my flight wasn't for another 2 hours.  I hit up my new guilty pleasure for lunch and snack

A Cinnamon Sugar Bagel with Schmear and a Blueberry Muffin!  The muffin was supposed to be my snack...but I ended up eating it right away.  I LOVE their Cinnamon Sugar Bagel.  It's so much better than the Cinnamon Crunch Bagel at Panera.  It has the perfect amount of Cinnamon and Sugar that it's not overly sweet or messy.  I was afraid that they were going to go all Dunkin Donuts on me with the schmear...but I was so wrong!  There was minimal schmear spillage (unlike DD, who I swear puts a pound of cream cheese on their bagels) and the right ratio of bagel to cream cheese.

I spent Thanksgiving with my dad and boyfriend.  My dad made the turkey, mashed potatoes, and cheesecake.  The boy and I made the sweet potato casserole and no-bake pumpkin cheesecake (and brought a Honey Baked Ham).  We ate right before the Dallas football game.  Thanksgiving is not complete without watching a Dallas game with my dad.  He's a pretty hardcore Dallas fan...growing up, I was a Redskins fan.  Why?  So I could run around the house singing "HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!  HAIL VICTORY!!!"

We didn't do much on fact all I remember doing on Friday is getting some DELICIOUS fish tacos from District Taco.  YUM!  Saturday, the boy and I did a quick 3.5 mile run before heading to the Hokie Bar to watch the Hokies DEMOLISH the Hoos to win the ACC Coastal Division and take home the Commonwealth Cup.  Then we watched Stanford murder Notre Dame (the boy is a Christmas Tree...okay, he's a Cardinal [the color...not the bird...don't ask...]).

The football players touch the Hokie Stone before exiting the tunnel at every home football game for good luck.  The words around the stone say "For those who have passed, and those to come...REACH FOR EXCELLENCE".  It's the motto that the football team and the school have lived by for years.

A couple weeks ago, Groupon offered a deal at the Newseum.  We were able to get into the museum for $10 instead of $21.95.  We woke up a bit late on Sunday and didn't end up getting to the Newseum until a little after 2pm.  We had less than 3 hours to go through all 6 floors....we only made it through 2.  We did see the 4-D adventure ( was okay) and a short documentary on the history of sports media (pretty interesting).  I highly recommend spending all day there.  With your paid admission ticket, you get TWO days to explore the Newseum.  There's SO much to see.  The two exhibits we spent majority of our time at are seeing all the Pulitzer Prize photos and the FBI exhibit.  I wish we had more time to explore--but there's always another time.  I can't wait to go back!

I flew back Tuesday morning and went straight to work.  A friend picked up Riley for me from boarding, so I opened the door to see the love of my life jumping for joy.

An oldie but a goodie :) i love this picture of him

I didn't get to do much exercising while I was home.  The boy and I were only able to go on a couple runs.  But now that I'm back, I'm excited to get back to the gym.  I'm almost 2 weeks behind in my Heart Rate Training Plan--and I haven't been able to log many miles for HBBC.

Here's my current HBBC status for Week 2:
Run/Walk:  1.5 mile round trip to Starbucks (+2 points)
Run:  3.5 mile (+3 points)

Walk:  2 mile to/from Metro and to/from Newseum (+2 points)

Run: 4 mile run (+4 points)


Walk:  3 miles with the pup (+3 points)
Heart Rate Training:  5.1 miles (+5 points)
Strength Training:  20 minutes (+1 point)

Total for Week 2:  20 points

Can you believe today is the last day of November?  This year has flown by!  We're supposed to get a couple of inches of snow tomorrow--I guess it's okay.  I wasn't OK with snow on October 8th that's for sure.  But I can handle snow on December 1st.

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  1. It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! I love cinnamon sugar bagels - they really are the best!